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Why Agents Love (1)

At Reliance Medical Centers, we don’t just say we are different, we prove it by making our provider-agent relationship a top priority. With our unique Agent Protection Plan, we have measures in place to protect your book of business. From identifying you as the agent of record in your client’s medical chart, to making our medical centers safe zones, free of outside marketing (or outside personnel), we have strategic measures in place to protect your client base and we work with you to help it grow because your success is tied to our success.

Different (1)

Agent of Record

As soon as we onboard one of your clients, you are tagged as the patient’s Agent of Record right in their medical chart and in our digital CRM system.


Courtesy Notifications

If your client has questions or interest in changing their health plan, we will redirect them to you and provide you with a courtesy notification.


Safe Zone

Our medical centers are safe zones – free from competitor logos, marketing materials, outside agents or personnel.


No Agents Onsite

There are no agents in our centers unless they have a set appointment with a client, which means no worrying about someone selling insurance to your clientele.


Resource Center

Our Resource Centers are state-certified Access Centers that are also staffed entirely by Reliance employees who do not guide patients to other insurance plans.


Agent Priority Line

Your time is valuable so we created a phone line exclusively for agents which means you.


Agent Priority Line

Working with Reliance is easy and convenient with our Agent Priority Line. Give us a call at 863-225-7793 to be connected to someone who is a Reliance Agent Advocate.


Health & Wellness Navigators

Our Health & Wellness Navigators are impartial guides who will never influence your clients’ decisions when it comes to their insurance.

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When you recommend Reliance Medical Centers to your clients, you can have the peace of mind knowing that we will deliver quality care via a team-approach to healthcare. Aside from a Primary Care Physician and Nurse Practitioner, the assigned Care Focus Team is also led by a Personal Medical Concierge who is a patient’s healthcare advocate and will help connect the dots for all things related to appointments, insurance, referrals and prescriptions. The team also consists of a Referral Specialist, Quality Analyst, Medical Records Specialist and two medical assistants.


These Team Members are a Big Support for Agents


Personal Medical Concierge

It’s time for patients to have their very own health and wellness advocate! From crafting a personalized Care Plan to answering all sorts of health-related questions, your PMC is here to help connect the dots and guide them through the world of healthcare.



We have referral specialists who take care of all your clients’ referral and scheduling needs which means more hands-on assistance, happier patients, higher retention rates.



Our quality analysts work to ensure your client receives compassionate, quality care, which means they’ll be happy you suggested Reliance to them.


Medical Records

The medical records specialists help coordinate all your clients’ medical records from outside providers, keeping your client from having to travel to other facilities to obtain their records. Just one more example of how we are patient-focused and ready to deliver supportive, coordinated care.


Dr. Carlos Romero

Co-CEO, Co-Founder &
Chief Medical Officer

NPI # 1356322234

Dr. Romero is the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Reliance Medical Centers, and he serves as the Chief Medical Officer at Reliance. Reliance began as Romero Medical Plaza, where Dr. Romero was dedicated to meeting the health and wellness needs of adults 65+. Dr. Romero’s passion for serving others and always going the extra mile to provide his patients with the quality healthcare they deserve, as well as the increase of patients who loved the friendly, warm care given to them by Dr. Romero, led to the expansion and transformation of Romero Medical Plaza to Reliance Medical Centers.

As Co-CEO and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Romero oversees the care coordination of all physicians at Reliance. He is a fiercely compassionate leader who enjoys working hands-on with all Reliance employees to ensure Reliance is delivering on their promise to always put patients first. He has implemented a number of unique health and wellness services at Reliance, including the Wellness Club, Wellbeing Advisors, Clinical Pharmacist and more.

Dr. Romero is privileged to touch the life of every Reliance patient as the Chief Medical Officer. His knowledge and oversight guide the physicians and medical staff each day to ensure Reliance stays true to their word: This is what healthcare should be.


Dr. Jose Pares

Primary Care Provider
Lakeland Office

NPI # 1912115445

Dr. Pares is an Anatomical and Clinical Pathologist, which gives him a broad view of the causes and effects of diseases. He uses his extensive medical background and vast experience in the medical field to aid in the treatment, prevention, and wellbeing of each and every patient he treats.


Dr. Martita Marcano

Primary Care Provider
Lakeland Office

NPI #1275812901

Dr. Martita Marcano joins Reliance as a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician with over 8 years of experience in a primary healthcare setting. She specializes in caring for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and thyroid disease. Dr. Marcano focuses on delivering her patients quality preventative care as opposed to the traditional remedial care to prevent health issues before they begin. 


Dr. Glorimar Gonzales

Primary Care Provider
Winter Haven Office

NPI # 1700111614

Dr. Gonzalez has over fifteen years of experience in the medical field and is committed to providing excellent care to her patients. She has experience as both a primary care and emergency care physician and employs preventive healthcare practices to help her patients get healthy and stay well.


Dr. Miroslav Brzobohaty

Primary Care Provider
Winter Haven Office

NPI # 1407413636

Dr. Miroslav Brzobohaty joins Reliance as a Primary Care Physician. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Dr. Brzobohaty is an osteopathic doctor who is dedicated to providing his patients with complete care to help prevent and treat illnesses. In addition to being a physician in California and Miami, Dr. Brzobohaty served as an Anatomy Instructor at Florida Atlantic University.


Dr. Andrew Barnes

Primary Care Provider
Tampa Lowry Park Office

NPI # 1598256752

Dr. Andrew Barnes joins Reliance as a Primary Care Physician. Dr. Barnes is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University and is a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician with additional training in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. He is excited to bring his Osteopathic Manipulative training to a Primary Care setting in order to provide his patients with wrap-around, whole body care. When he is not helping patients achieve a complete sense of wellbeing, Dr. Barnes enjoys weight lifting, playing the piano and running.


Dr. Aryn H. Bush
Vice President of Applied Science and Translation


Dr. Adriana Hughes
Clinical Pharmacist


Tabitha Kuhn
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)


Penny Williams
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

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141 E. Central Ave.
Winter Haven, FL 33880

141 E. Central Ave.
Winter Haven, FL 33880



3655 Innovation Dr. 
Lakeland, FL 33812

3655 Innovation Dr.
Lakeland, FL 33812



8326 N Florida Ave.
Tampa, FL 33604
Now Open!



600 El Paseo.
Lakeland, FL 33805
Scheduled to Open Early 2023

600 El Paseo.
Lakeland, FL 33812


Reliance is the absolute best decision I ever made for my health!
-Debra, Reliance patient

A wonderful group of people! Dr. Atiyeh and his very knowledgeable staff are so down to earth and easy to talk to. Everyone is so helpful and helps you to feel comfortable for whatever reason you are there. Excellent medical care for Seniors!
-John, Reliance patient

I go there for my Primary Care Physician. Nurses are great! Transportation is wonderful. Love everyone there!
-Elizabeth, Reliance patient

I go there for my Primary Care Physician. Nurses are great! Transportation is wonderful. Love everyone there!
-Bob, Reliance patient

Love Reliance Medical Centers. Has transportation, doctors, beautician, nurses. Everything any of us need!
-Theresa, Reliance patient

I love Reliance Medical Center. Everyone in the Lakeland office is so very kind and caring. I always feel they’re taking care of me, the whole person, and not just illnesses or symptoms.
-Katie, Reliance patient

My husband and I have been with Reliance going on three years. The doctors are very attentive to our needs and care. Very well recommended.
-Hannah, Reliance patient

I have been going there for some time. I think they are the best. Awesome Drs. nurses, all the staff. Wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. They really care about their patients
-Janet, Reliance patient


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